Kids On Ice, a Non-Profit Organization, is asking for community support simply by signing this cause to present to the Utah State Legislation, Charitable & Endowment Funds, Government Grants, an attempt to raise the capital necessary to build a state-of-the-art year-round, climate-controlled Recreation Facility in Southern Utah complete with an indoor Ice Rink, Dry Turf field for Soccer and Lacrosse, a Workout Room, and a Dance Studio.

Background: Washington County does not have an indoor facility that promotes year round lifelong learning experiences for our community’s children through the joy of Ice & Turf Sports. KidsOnIce is a non-profit group whose sole purpose is to bring our kids to the ice and keep them “Out of Hot Water”. We wish to instill the “Kids10” philosophy in our young citizens: Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Leadership, Respect, Physical Exercise, Positive Attitudes, Healthy Habits, Stress Relief, Goal Achievement, and Friendships.  

Support: We, the residents of Washington County and all surrounding areas – Support the development of a proposed full-sized, year round, permanent double ice rink facility aimed at promoting Ice Skating, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Broomball, Curling, LaCrosse, Soccer, and Football.  Camps and tournaments will be held for all ages to enjoy.  We plan to use the facility frequently with our families and believe it will lead to more tourism, economic development, and employment to the Washington County area. 

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