For many years, digital and voice communications have been closely monitored by the Syrian regime in order to ensure complete censorship on any anti-government or political based chatter.  In the past few weeks, the Syrian government has installed state of the art monitoring systems provided by a California based company against all United States export laws.

As if the Syrian regime's brutal butchery of its citizens expected to exceed 150,000 lives isn't enough, the installation of blue coat servers in what is already one of 3 of the largest prison for news providers, such a move represents additional threats to journalists and media outlets looking to inform the world about the current situation on the ground including chemical weapon usage, genocide, heartless and public executions, and much more.

A recent IT based group has identified 34 Blue Coat servers currently operating in Syria using DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) - A technology used to take monitoring of internet users' activities to a new level.  Such technology allows the Syrian regime to censor websites, monitor encrypted emails, control the activities of Syrian internet users, and much more.

This cause has been initiated to have Blue Coat answer our demand of explaining how such digital surveillance products ended up with Syria's regime when strict export conditions apply on such high end devices.  We also call on Blue Coat to shut down such servers which are a direct cause for the hundreds if not thousands of casualties due to the regime's tactics in dealing with human rights' activists, journalists and regular citizen voicing their unapproval of the regime's way of governing the country.

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