Un animal est un être vivant. Il n'est pas une marchandise, il n'est pas un bijou. Sa place est la même que la notre sur notre planète.

stop China from using live animals as necklaces

or the slave trade

it may be slightly amusing to put things in strange places that are wacky but they should not be alive or killed for this banal amusement. how would you like it to be in a chain gang, reminds one of Roman times when death was fodder for the bored.

How sad to do this to poor defenseless creatures. What is wrong with the Chinese minds to do this to animals.. Additionally they eat dogs and cats also, skin animals alive, pull Angora fur from rabbits that scream in pain, etc. That is one sick society.

This is CRUEL and WRONG ! These poor little creatures will suffocate and Die in this bag ! As if it's Not Bad enough these SICK MORONS are KILLING Cats and Dogs,and Eating them ,but to TORTURE these Defenceless Little Animals is just SICKENING ! I ask,WHY GOD ? I will NEVER understand WHY they have…Read More