Albania's dogs, cats and other animals (including its wild animals) are trapped, shot, poisoned, tortured and abused on a regular basis, every season. Or, they are abandoned at birth and thrown alive in garbage cans, canals, or left in desolate areas, in trash bags, etc. The few people organized to address this behavior and to counteract this massive cruelty (under Animal Rescue Albania) can do little without our help, as they have no funding and are not recognized nor aided by the Albanian government. This is because animal cruelty, neglect and abandonment are generally condoned by  most Albanian individuals as well as by most town mayors, and stray animal massacres are freely conducted each year by individuals as well as by municipalities themselves for the purpose of increasing tourism in Albania and making it acceptable to foreign visitors. This--as most foreign visitors themselves have realized--is the wrong way to increase tourism in Albania and make it pleasing to their eyes. The goal must be to really improve the country from within by improving the physical conditions of animals by founding and supporting shelters, passing animal welfare laws and enforcing them, and holding citizens accountable for animal abuse and punishing them accordingly. 

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