Ronnie Gonzalez Ministries has been actively involved in international gospel ministry since 2001. Our work overseas will continue, however, we are excited to announce that we are adding a new arm to our ministry that will be focused on meeting practical and spiritual needs of our local communities. Though we believe in and are apart of an excellent local church congregation, our belief is that ministry is not supposed to be confined to within the walls of a church building. Our belief also is that nowhere in the Bible is it written that believers are called to wait for those that need the gospel to make it to our churches, but rather believers are called to GO OUT and bring the gospel to them!

This new outreach will be our way of going out and meeting people where they are at.   Our plans are to convert a 18 ft box truck into a "church on wheels." The benefit to being a mobile ministry is that we will be able to target specific neighborhoods, communities, parks, and schools and bring the light of the gospel directly to them! This does not mean necessarily that we will just be preaching. Our plans are to be able to conduct outreaches where we are feeding the hungry and providing meals, clothes & care package distributions, gift giveaways, and medical services as well. Specific outreaches may vary from one to the other but lifting up the name of Jesus will be the one constant! 

We are calling our mobile ministry FHL Outreach, which is short for Faith, Hope, and Love. According to scripture these three forces never fail and will always endure. (1 Cor 13:13) Therefore, wherever we go our endeavor will always be to present FAITH in a practical way, inspire HOPE that obstacles can change, and share the LOVE of God which is the greatest power available to bring change! 

We have already secured the vehicle and are ready to make the transformation. This is where YOUR help can come in. There is definitely a process in getting this truck street ready and everything from the custom fabrication and eye-catching full truck wrap to the electronics and audio system are going to require extra funding. We would like to ask you to prayerfully consider being apart of this cutting edge evangelism tool. Any financial gifts of any size would be most welcomed and appreciated! Together we can make a difference for the kingdom of God!

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