Shell has suspended its oil drilling operations in the Arctic for this summer, but plans to pursue the project in the future. But, what future does this company offer if they don’t keep an eye on their equipment, ships, staff, and operations? One too many accidents have happened with Shell’s procedures that endanger the Arctic and therefore the whole planet. If they keep drilling for oil the way they are, the equipment could break down. There could be an oil spill. This endangers the delicate ecosystem of the Arctic and threatens to sabotage it even more than it already has been. Polar bears are losing land and food, and a great many other creatures up there are dying every day. If Shell sells oil to other companies, they would keep supplying energy for and old energy-supplying system that is not good for the environment. The use of oil and coal for energy keeps contributing to climate change and will eventually make the atmosphere unbearable. It would be too hot for the elderly and young children, who are prone to heat stress. Heat would attract to the large buildings in cities and gather in valleys and make it impossible to go outside at all. People and animals hot and dry areas wouldn’t be able to cope. It would mess up the migration patterns of so many animals around the world. The heat would melt the icecaps and glaciers of the Arctic, causing floods of monumental sizes and wiping out islands and coastal cities. Shell should stop all drilling operations in the Arctic now and forever, strengthen their equipment, and to increase their investment in eco-friendly energy sources.

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