◄ ☼ INTERNATIONAL CLEAN ENERGY DAY ☼ ► it is your holiday; It is a day dedicated to you, it is a day when you, your children, your grandchildren and their grand-grandchildren can feel proud of you and make a toast in your honour; a day when you can feel proudfor taking the pledge for their clean, safe and healthy environment, for fighting for your & their clean & safe water and air; for giving them the opportunity to live and for saving the plants, animals and all others inhabitants of this planet needed for our survival. This is your opportunity to say NO to the apocalypse; the day when you can say NO to the major CO2 production and release your environment; the day when you can win the fight for your safe water and air; The day when you can show to the world that you care. Now is the day (before is to late); before we have to call ourselves/the humans an endanger species. It takes less then 1minute to take the pledge and share to show that you care.

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Thank you!

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