"FREE Darryl L. Tolliver: Falsely Imprisoned for 22 Years!"

To: California Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris, Judge Herbert Exarhos, District Attorney John Davidson 

Darryl Lamar Tolliver's arrest in 1991 made him more than just a victim of circumstances. He is a victim of a corrupt justice system that has taken a high interest in convicting innocent people.There has been more than 2000 exoneration's of the falsely convicted in the U.S in the past 23 years and the numbers are rising.  Darryl stated, "In all of my experiences I can honestly say I have met my match tending with this beast of the state and federalized criminal bureaucracy and an un-justice court system, and police corruption in the County of San Diego, California. All I want is my freedom and to be exonerated of all wrongful charges that have been placed on me." 

On October 15, 1991 he was held in custody to answer to charges of premeditated attempted murder in which a man was paralyzed and a woman was disfigured. He was sentenced to 8 to life, 3 to life with an additional 7 years  all to run consecutively and to be in-determined. He is coming up on year 22 of illegal incarceration. In court the victims did not place him at the scene, nor identify him as the perpetrator. The testimony rested solely on two eyewitnesses in which one has recently recanted her trial testimony. Unfortunately, mistaken identity is hard to renounce this late in the conviction. The testimonies of his alibi witnesses should have proven his innocence in court on that day in October 1991. However, his court appointed attorney never employed an investigation in proving his case, or sought alibi witness statements, nor did his court appointed attorney call on any of Darryl's alibi witness testimonies at any time during court proceedings, because the alibi witnesses were never subpoena or called to come to court. Their testimonies would have proven his whereabouts and his innocence! It took 1 hour for the jury to deliberate and find him guilty. Darryl maintains his innocence and would appreciate any support that would help him to seek exoneration, justice and ultimately his freedom. 

Darryl L. Tolliver #H36993

Chuckawalla Valley State Penitentiary

P.O. Box 2349 (D9 - 21 - 4L)

Blythe, CA. 92226


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