In an effort to protect the health of those who utilize public outdoor areas for exercise and family fitness, please support this campaign to ban smoking on public greenways in Charlotte, NC. Continuing to allow smoking in these areas is counterproductive to the culture of health that the greenway system promotes. 

 Air pollution from smoking effects the health of runners, cyclists, pedestrians and other travelers who use greenways to avoid the harmful gases emitted by cars. These travelers often include children. Unwanted second-hand smoke is a significant problem for those who are in the midst of a cardiovascular workout, whose lungs are opened up to full capacity and who are unwillingly subjected to these toxins. This exposure is a growing problem, especially where exercise and lung health is promoted. 

This campaign follows suit of local communities such as Wake Forest and Raleigh who have passed legislation to ban all smoking in public parks and greenways, to curb exposure to second hand smoke and control litter.  This is especially pertinent in Charlotte, NC as many greenways border waterways that contribute to the community water supply. 

 The goal of this campaign is to create a safer, more healthy community in Charlotte, NC, where all people can benefit from wellness efforts. To create a more healthful environment, we must take a stand on harmful pollutants, including second-hand smoke in the air where exercise is promoted. 

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