I am reaching out due to the emergency nature of one of our students.  She has been abandoned by her family due to a serious medical problem she has. About 2 month ago, Danieline missed school because she did not have someone to braid her hair. She went to ask her aunt to braid her hair, while visiting her aunt, she climbed a coconut tree where she slipped and fell on a hand pump breaking her spine. She was taken to an herbalist where she was placed in a hole and fire was placed over the hole. She got severely burnt. When I went to see her, she was in a bad shaped, with support from one of our board member, we provided funds to treat her burn and provide some food and basic needs. I started to investigate and quickly realized that this child was homeless. The only meal she ate was what we provided at the school and the best cloth she had was her uniform. Wednesday I went to see her to say goodbye before coming to the states. What I saw was sad. Her skin was falling off her bone.  Morally, I could not leave her in such a state knowing that there is no one to help. I went to the hospitals seeking help but she was rejected. Finally I beg a private hospital (St. Joseph catholic hospital) they agree to admit her. I got an ambulance and she was admitted yesterday before my departure for the states. I was told that her recovery would be long and costly. I am looking for good Samaritans who are willing to help safe her life. She is presently at Catholic, where you can go directly and make a donation to the director of the hospital (he will give you a receipt) or go to our website and make donation.  Please help if you can or if you know of anyone who might be able to help.
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