Bentley Hall Farm in Bury operate as an illegal puppy farm. They have been doing so since August 2011 when their license (issued by Bury Council in Greater Manchester, UK) lapsed – an offence under the Breeding and Sale of Dogs Act that carries a maximum punishment of three months in jail and a £2,500 fine. No prosecution have been brought against them despite the Council being aware of the operation. 

Puppies (Border Collies, Labradors and Alaskan Malamutes) are kept in dark barns, separated from their mothers, with inadequate provisions such as bedding and little straw on the floor. Many people have reported puppies dying with days of getting them home. Many others have reported puppies with sever aggression problems. An undercover reported from the Manchester Evening News was shown chocolate Labrador bitch which appeared afraid and backed up against the wall of the enclosure. The dog also had large, sagging teats. 

When questioned by the Manchester Evening News, the owner said he saw no issues with the way the dogs were bred at the farm. He added he was aware it was illegal for him to breed dogs on a large-scale without a licence – but he no longer had one because Bury council had made it ‘impossible’, adding "I know it’s illegal". 

Since the publication of an expose in the Manchester Evening News, Bury Council have reported that the owners have been in to collect license application papers. 

We are calling for the following: 

  1. For Bury Council to refuse Bentley Hall Farm a license to continue breeding dogs. 
  2. For the owenrs to face prosecution under the Breeding and Sale of Dogs Act for knowingly operating a breeding establishment without a license. 
  3. For the dogs currently at the farm to be removed as soon as possible. 
  4. For the owners to face investigation and if possible charges under the Animal Welfare Act.

Please make your voice count and sign this petition to help the hundreds of puppies that suffer at Bentley Hall Farm each year. 

Pictures taken from the Manchester Evening News.


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