On April 22nd, Earth Day will be celebrated by more than 192 countries worldwide, inspiring individuals and organizations to make a lasting and positive impact on the environment. In honor of Earth Day, Kolkata Clickers invites people to join them in taking action for the planet by petition to make one small change to their daily routines that will save plants, reduce waste & use of plastic and cut carbon emissions.

We want Govt. of West Bengal to declare Kolkata as a Green City, by  declaring Green City Govt. should legally prohibit deforestation,  filling up pond, use of plastic(at least in packaging industry and in big shopping complex) through out the metropolitan area and its  surroundings.

This is a year long signature collecting campaigning  starting from 22nd April,2013 to 22nd April, 2014. And after that we will forward the documents to Government of West Bengal, Kolkata Municipal Corporation and if necessary to Government of India.

Kolkata has a rich heritage of 300 years. Now due to many common causes of global warming the avenues of this city of joy dried down. We do want to protect our city and ready to help Government of West Bengal, Government of India and Kolkata Municipal Corporation on this matter.

We are requesting all the nationalities to support our campaign and do petition for our city. We are asking NGO, individuals and respected organization to collaborate with us, we welcome you all.

Let's Kolkata Go Green.  

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