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Petition: Demand Nestlé Ceo Peter Brabeck Is Sacked

We need your support to challenge a uniformity clause in the housing authorities housing policies. In a meeting held with residents, the HAWS executive director pressed the uniform-yard policy. When residents questioned the policy they were where shown a lease and quoted things like "because my boss says so." to answer to beautiful yards that had flowers and growing food being pulled up out of the ground to conform to this clause. We believe that taking pride in ones home and family dwelling is upmost important and improves a persons physical and mental well being when the environment is one that is pleasant and cared for. We also believe that this policy should be challenged and at the very least the residents should be given the option of what uniformity looks like. The residents may all want to have gardens and flowers in their yards. Not only would this beautify the neighborhood and provide a healthy choice of nutrition but improve the overall pride the residents take in their community.

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