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Stop The "Olimpic Holocaust" In Sochi

I got this letter from my friend from Russia. We need HELP!!!! "Dear Jeannete, According to the information that was received by "First Anticorruption Mass Media" (ПАСМИ) of Krasnodar Region before the Olympic Games, mortification of homeless cats and dogs should be expected in Sochi. It will be done by using a "adalin-super” a substance forbidden in many countries. As a result of taking it ananimal dies in terrible agony, being conscious for a half of an hour. The initiator of this villainy is city administration. The President of Protection of Animals' Right Centre "Vita" Irina Novozhilova told FAMM (ПАСМИ) that 4 462 266 rubles will be allocated to solve the problem with homeless animals in a civilized way. For years there have been no attempts to solve the problem of homeless animals in a civilized way by implementing sterilization program. Only animal right activists of the city are trying to solve the problem at their own expense as they take homeless animals from the street, treat them, sterilize them and look for families that would adopt them. Also, they release animals, that didn't find owners, into their natural habitat. But the problem can't be solved at all without support by City Administration and the mayor of the City. Humanism loses its position to cruelty! I talked to the mayor of Sochi in 2002 and he said: "Prison doesn't solve the problem. It won't bring anything except embezzlement of the budget. '' This spring the mayor of the city of Olimpic Games Anatoly Pakhomov and deputy of the Legislative Assembly Krasnodar region Victor Tyeplyakov met animal right activists of the city. They promised to allocate land and funding for making an animal shelter and so stop animal killing. Actuality, in autumn of 2013 the City administration issued a tender for killing 3896 animals in Sochi. This time city administration is ready to allocate money for murder, Sochi web-sites are full of pictures and videos showing both home pets and homeless animals in terrible agony after taking Adalin-super poison. "Oh, sport, you are peace!" For whom? For many of Sochi citizens Games Preparations 2014 will always remind about terrible agony, violence and cruelty. Also, homeless animal recycling program is planned for 2014 and 2015. Obviously it is a very lucrative business. President of Sochi City Charity "Animal Protection Center" E.M. Savinkova" Please!!! Help us!!!! Пожалуйста!!! Обратите внимание и окажите помощь: подпишитесь и разошлите всем, в ком ещё не умерло чувство сострадания к нашим братьям меньшим и чувство стыда перед ними за то, что мы с ними творим!!! Речь идёт о том, что происходит в Сочи, где будут проходить Олимпийские Игры 2014. Массовое зверское истребление бездомных животных - уничтожение любыми способами, включая отстрел, отраву, подмешивание в пищу животных гвоздей, осколков и прочих колющих предметов. Животные умирают в страшных муках на глазах у взрослых и детей, которых таким образом "учат любви и жалости к животным"! В г. Сочи до сих пор нет приюта для бездомных животных, а деньги, выделенные Администрации города для этой цели, ушли в неизвестном направлении. Активисты и правозащитники Сочи просят помощи у заграницы - у стран, где цивилизация позволила принять Закон о Защите Прав Животных, коего до сих пор нет в России. Будьте же людьми! Подпишите петицию - крик о помощи тем, кто не может постоять за себя!!!

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