Tom Corbett should be arrested now - if not on State charges in Pennsylvania, then on Federal charges - and if not on charges of violations of US or Pennsylvania State law, then by the International Court of Justice for violations of human rights and for turning a State government in the USA into an internationally harmful Fascist travesty:

Educator and coach Joe V. Paterno, born in Brooklyn, New York on December 21, 1926, earned an unparalleled record and reputation in his field of endeavor - college football coaching. He was the respected patriarch of a beautiful family. He built Penn State - not singlehandedly, but through a process of community consensus which was fed by the community spirit which he inculcated into the University and the town of State College, Pennsylvania - which really ought to be renamed Joe in his honor. Joe Paterno, as of the start of November 2011, was in good health. His reputation was secure. He was, as of that time, still the revered head coach at Penn State. And most importantly, as of November of 2011, Joe Paterno was a law-abiding citizen in every way. . Then along comes political opportunist Tom Corbett, in the wake of the arrest of Jerry Sandusky; both backpedaling and trying to grandstand things, and playing prosecutor - although Corbett had already officially resigned his position as State Attorney General as of January 18, 2011, prior to taking the Oath of Office as Governor of Pennsylvania.  And Tom Corbett personally and ruthlessly ruined Joe Paterno and destroyed him physically too - and then cried crocodile tears afterward!

Everyone in the 21st century knows about cyberbullying, and that is exactly what Corbett did here - he led the media feeding frenzy of unfair and biased reporting. Corbett led a political witch-hunt against Paterno which cost State taxpayers and tuition paying students millions of dollars; and Corbett really did this for his own political benefit, and to take the heat off himself. 

 Joe Paterno, some will say, was 85 years old when he died, so who cares, right? 


Such an attitude is age- prejudiced - and that is an attitude which Tom Corbett and others have been playing up in recent years, shamefully. Age-ism is the new racism of the 21st century - and demagogues such as Corbett who exploit this and prey on older people are not to be enabled, tolerated or uninvestigated for their crimes.  Joe Paterno, seven weeks prior to his 85th birthday, had no indication of cancer; and had just been examined and scientifically determined to be cancer-free and in good health.  Joe Paterno was not to be properly regarded as an expendable individual.  His life was precious.

In today's 21st century technological environment, a computer in the wrong hands - especially when wielded by people cloaked with Government titles and working under color of authority - can be more dangerous than a loaded cache of weapons in the arms of a certifiable mental case; especially when such computer abuse is under color of authority. We have seen the effects and the results of cyberbullying time after time - and what Tom Corbett did to Joe Paterno is a lethal instance of cyberbullying; a sad, shocking and sudden demise of a revered educator, a coldhearted, calculated,  cruel and craven new-pattern MURDER - perpetrated with new technology.

There are other crimes which have been committed by the State of Pennsylvania at the behest of Tom Corbett. There are other unanswered questions, other victims of injustice, other investigations which have gone entirely the wrong way, and other coverups and complicities which range from courthouses, to defense attorneys to editorial boards of newspapers. The Paterno family has had no real closure regarding this issue, because justice has never been done. There are other families from one end of Pennsylvania to the other, who have also never had closure or public sympathy in their lesser well-known tragedies - tragedies which are just as horrible or perhaps even worse. 

This is why it is important for the press and the prosecutors to FINALLY move in on Tom Corbett now and demand justice - because if Corbett can do this to Joe Paterno and to other revered educators in Pennsylvania, Corbett and his sick, truth-twisting prosecutorial cyberbullying machine can destroy anyone with impunity - and they have done this many times to the detriment of America and the world. 

Pennsylvania Governor Tom W. Corbett should be prosecuted and impeached for many, many Constitution-shredding actions of his - but this personal ruination of Joe Paterno in his golden years is the most well known travesty of all.   (The second-most well known may be the unanswered question: what happened to Ray Gricar!)  And in trying Tom Corbett for any murders or manslaughters which he may have committed, we, the people should afford to Tom Corbett more due process than his prosecutorial malevolence machine has afforded to Corbett's many victims.  In truth, everyone on the planet is a victim of the malevolence and fraudulent, extortionate pattern of behavior of the Tom Corbett administrations as Pennsylvania State Attorney General and now as Governor of the Keystone State; because of the environmental destruction wrought; because of the world-class cultural treasures of beautiful music forever destroyed at the hands of Corbett's corrupt Pennsylvania government, and due to the destruction of both public education and private quality education in the Cradle of Liberty.

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