I am hoping that we can get enough names to help the seniors of Cape Breton To be able to have their Pets live with them in Apt's in the Cape Breton Regional Housing Cooperation , Most Seniors are widowed and all they have is a small dog or cat , bird, to keep them company and give their love too, These Pets are just like a baby is to a new Mom, Some seniors have to take low standard housing , pay all the utilities plus rent , Sometimes these people have to haul wood to heat the house and it is hard on them , When they could Live in an apt building warm , & cozy with their beloved pet, and pay one bill to cover everything Now i don't mean , big  outdoor  dogs, or 4 or 5 cats, Just small breeds who are house trained , or yard trained , to give these wonderful people who worked so hard all their lives , then are denied the love of a small companion especially  when most of these folks are all alone . Please take the time to sign and  pass on to your friends , Someday we will be in this spot 

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