In 2013, we the Australian people urge the Federal Government to allocate money in its upcoming budget for the Meningococcal B vaccine, which is currently before the Therapeutic Goods Administration so that thousands of Australian lives can be saved from this potentially deadly disease. 

The Australian Government has been at the forefront of immunisation against meningitis and this vaccine will be one of the final steps in preventing the spread of bacterial meningitis nationwide. Join Hands and UNITE in the fight to get the Federal Government to put OUR dollars into saving the lives of OUR children.

Did you know:

  • Bacterial meningitis is the most aggressive form and can lead to permanent damage or death in 24 hours.
  • Meningococcal B is the common cause of meningitis in Australia today.
  • Survivors of meningitis can be left with devastating long-term effects such as hearing loss or deafness, brain damage, cerebral palsy, learning difficulties, behavioural problems, memory loss and when septicaemia is involved, loss of limbs.
  • Meningitis is not easy to recognise in the early stages and the symptoms can be similar to those of the common flu. 
  • The peak infant age group at risk of bacterial meningitis is six to 18 months. Overall about 50 percent of bacterial meningitis cases occur in children under the age of five years, and there is a second disease peak in adolescents and young adults 15-24 years of age.
  • Even with prompt diagnosis and treatment, approximately 10% of patients die and up to 20% or more sustain permanent damage and disability.

You can Join Hands in the fight against Meningitis by simply signing this petition! 

Visit the Meningitis Centre website for the signs and symptoms of meningitis.

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