I wish for a chance for EVERY woman to have a peaceful and empowered pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. I wish for EVERY baby to born healthy, full term, robust and full of potential.

Can you imagine how powerful it would be if we could revolutionize maternity care in America by utilizing simple, cost-effective methods like The JJ Way® - by educating and empowering women and families from EVERY community, by training and certifying women to provide personalized and compassionate maternity support, and by creating access to programs such as ours?  

There is a crisis in maternity care in the USA today. Commonsense Childbirth helps ALL women navigate this fear-based system no matter who they are, where they live or which provider they choose. Our outcomes speak for themselves!

As I turn 54 I am asking  for your help.  I am turning to YOU, my friends and supporters, knowing that you understand, knowing that you have experienced the difference, knowing that you want to be part of the change. Women helping women, families helping families - together we can triumph.

            My birthday wish this year is simply this - JOIN US!

Because EVERY woman wants a healthy baby, and EVERY woman deserves one.

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