Dear Friend, I picked you specially to receive this letter. And I'm praying I was right. I'm caught in a bind. I cant't afford to send too many more of these letters out-but I desperately need more friends like you to care for my kids. That's why I've been looking for a friend like you for a couple weeks now. Finally, I took the chance and put my letter here. because I had a hunch you're blessed with a kind and loving heart. Are you the friend I've been looking for? I know you can't answer that question right now-but please let me tell you what's going on, because whether or not you can send a gift today, I need your prayers. I'm caring for kids who've been thrown away, abused, neglected and abandoned-and I depend on good people like you to help my kids. That's why I'm writing to you today-because I'm so overwhelmed I don't know where to turn. I don't know why things are falling apart like they are right now, but suddenly thousands of children are being left without a mooring in our society. As President of Prince Govan Home for Boys and Girls I'm facing the greatest challenge of my life. Not that long ago we expanded our Home by over fifty percent-and it breaks my heart to say that even that much wasn't nearly enough. We're full to overflowing-and our waiting list is growing longer every day. You might be saying to yourself-this can't be true ... there's no way that in America we'd be abandoning our children, the boys and girls who are our most precious gift and our hope for the future. And I understand if you feel that way. But I'd ask you, please come to our Home in person ... and you'll see these kids arriving at our door every day. Kids who've done nothing wrong, but whose hearts are being torn in two because they're not being cared for and because they're being hit and bruised instead of being loved. Your heart will break to see their tears and to realize-no matter how we try-we can't give them back the childhood they've lost. But we can give them something just as precious. We can give them hope, and we can give them love. Could you help me do that with even a small gift to keep Prince Govan Home open? It's one of the hardest parts of my job to ask good people like you-friends who have a charitable heart, but who have so many competing needs for their hard-earned dollars-to spare a little extra for my homeless girls and boys. But when I think of Jason-who's so desperate for somebody, anybody, to show him an ounce of kindness-it makes me put aside my nerves and pride and plead with you to help our children in any way you can. Jason needs your prayers. And a generous gift from you today could help save his life. I'll tell you what I know about Jason. He's twelve or thirteen years old, and he just showed up at our door. He was wearing second-hand clothes that didn't really fit him. Every other possession he had in the world fit into a small satchel that he  threw to the floor. Jason's mother brought him to Prince Govan Home, but just barely. She was so eager to get rid of her child that she rushed out the door before we could finish the intake process. And as much as much as she hurt him and abused him, she was the only mother Jason ever knew, She didn't turn around to see his tears through the window as she hurried away down the street. That's the one time I've seen Jason cry. He's had to get tough-and get tough quick-in a world that's been falling down around him. Jason never knew his father. His mother is a drug-addict and prostitute and didn't pay much attention to the child she was saddled with. She sure didn't notice when one of her boyfriends was beating him up. Because Jason's home wasn't safe-and barely even a home - Jason grew up mostly on the streets. He was forced to learn how to beg and how to steal to find something to eat. Jason's lived through so much, it's hard to remember he's still a child. But shoved within his satchel he keeps a teddy bear and a couple of favorite baseball cards, gifts from his grandmother before she died. You might be wondering to yourself-how can a child like Jason be helped? Is it already too late to reach him? I want to assure you-from the bottom of my heart-it's not too late. And that's the marvelous and wonderful thing about Prince Govan Home and the work we do here-we have GOD'S love on our side. I believe no matter how much our children are hurt or neglected the spark of GOD'S love never leaves their heart. And as long as that spark is there, we can reach it- and build through our prayers and love a new world of hope for these hurting children. And just proof enough of that for me is that GOD brought Jason to Prince Govan Home's door. And GOD inspired me to write this letter to you today. Could you help with any gift you can to keep Prince Govan Home open for kids like Jason? I know times are tough for many folks right now, so I don't want to ask for too much. Could you spare a gift of $25 for my kids? That's less than 7 pennies a day over the next year. Believe it or not, that much can make a real difference in a hurting child's life. Even a gift of $15, about 4 cents a day would be a real blessing. And I would be so grateful for a generous gift of 10 cents a day or even more, If you can afford that much right now. Whatever you send, please know that your gift will be put to use to help provide homeless and hurting kids with the love they need to heal. Prince Govan Home doesn't depend on the government to provide for our kids-nearly 99% of the funds we need to operate, that's nearly every penny, comes directly from good people like you. Thank you so much. Since 2000, the Prince Govan Home for the Homeless has had a clear mission: We organize and advocate to prevent and end homelessness because we believe housing is a human right in a just society. Prince Govan Home advocacy targets access to affordable housing, jobs and public schools in Chicago and the suburbs. Community organizers, policy specialists and public interest attorneys work with people who are impacted by homelessness, including mothers with children, unaccompanied youth, prostitution survivors, ex-offenders, and low-wage workers. Please know I will keep a place for you in my daily prayers.  Blessings, Prince Govan Home 1841 west 107th Street Chicago, IL. 60643 GOD Bless You. Thank You and Keep Smiling                                                                                                                        P.S.   I'll tell you why I'm worried, and why I needed to write this letter to you today. If I can't find more good friends like you, I'll have to start turning more children like Jason away. Our waiting list is growing longer every day, and I just don't have any place to fit more kids.                                                           But I don't know how I can look into a child's eyes-a child who's been so hurt and abandoned like Jason-and tell him he'll just have to wait, there's nothing we can do for him. Please, if you can, help me and our children with your generosity today.

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