Please support Senate bill

And Assembly bill:

New York and several other states have recently agreed to share confidential student information with corporate entities related to the Gates Foundation and the News Corporation (owned by Rupert Murdoch). The shared data will include children's personal information, including name, address, test scores, disciplinary and attendance records, race, ethnicity, disabilities, and other highly sensitive information. The data will be used for a variety of purposes and will be made available to commercial vendors to help them develop and market their learning products. Neither parents nor students have any ability to opt out of having this sensitive personal data shared with corporate entities, one of which is a subsidiary of the News Corporation. It is critical that there be safeguards on the release of sensitive and personal information about students, and that parental or student consent should be part of any process of releasing personally identifiable student information to third parties. This legislation would establish procedures and standards that provide for consent and appropriate safeguards.


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