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Administration Of Carlow, Ireland, Killed The Dog Tajfun

This family dog was victimized by law enforcement because he snapped at a nanny in the owner's house. The child she was caring for was screaming and because an Akita has a very protective temperament, the dog was attempting to protect the young child. Instead of releasing this poor dog back to his distraught owner, the city of Carlow, Ireland told his owner that the dog could either be shot or euthanized by an injection BUT only if she paid for the EXPENSE of the humane injection!! This dog was EUTHANIZED this morning in Carlow, Ireland and without even notification that they were going to do so. The owner was notified AFTER the fact!! The rights of this wonderful family companion have been totally disregarded and you have treated this canine friend as a piece of trash!! We want and we demand answers as to why you felt compelled to abuse this animal for MONTHS without ever allowing it to exit the cage and engage in any activity, causing undue and unethical mental and physical abuse!! YOU NEED TO ANSWER FOR YOUR INHUMANE ACTIONS!!

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