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Permit Singapore Hdb Residents To Keep A 2nd Dog

They cant speak for themselves and if you have a loving heart and a shelter and some food, time and love for them, why not adopt them? They dont need much, so spare and give a little loves..Help the society and help the stray.. and if u already have a dog, dont they loves having more their own kind? I have a Maltese, and he gets along very well with my mongrel i adopted.. So who say stray are fierce and scary, I can say mine is the most loving and sweetest one in my life..She is my best gift and she teaches me a life lesson, in fact changing the way i am- Responsible, more firm and open my heart and joy out to a whole new level.. I am glad i adopted her.. i am not a saint when i adopted her, in fact it was her who saved me and change my life..I had times when i was so upset and only she was there, there were times when life is so down, but looking at her makes it easier..I aint a saint, i am a human and when the times when shes weaning non stop and peeing all over, biting every single things, i had frustration and quarrel about her with my family members and even thought of returning it to the factory due to the crying, at that time, no one was really free except me and her.. So she only had me, just how could i? and so 2 years passed, and shes my proudest moment..Adopting a mongrel is like a surprise present, you dont knw what it looks like nor how they are.. you have to let time prove and your love give them a second chance and adopt them .. so keeping two dogs allow more people to have a chance and also it helps to save a life..whats bad? "We teach dogs like how we discipline our child, we love them, like how we would want our child to love us back" "They are our forever loyal friend and thats what they silently promised"

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Permit Singapore Hdb Residents To Keep A 2nd Dog

Dear friends and family, please sign this petition to help and support Singapore HDB residents, in their petition to change the current law of having only one pet to have two pets. The Singapore HDB residents want to be able to have the right of having a second pet. They made the argument that this will give dogs a second chance of having a good life and also will help the shelters with the over population. As it is right now dogs have to be kill for lack of space. I also want to add that if the law gets to be change, it should include that all pets in adoption should be spay and neuter before are place in their new homes.

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