80% of Singapore residents live in HDB flats. These residents are allowed to keep only 1 HDB-approved breed dog. The remaining 20% are allowed to keep up to 3 dogs of any size, regardless of property size.

Singapore residents who are responsible and want to contribute to helping curtail the number of abandoned strays on the streets and culling of caught stray dogs, regardless of breed, cannot do so if they already have a dog at home. This is due to an age-old policy. The AVA allows importation of double coated or arctic-grown dogs for sale, on the premise that they can adapt to local tropical weather, in spite of cruelty issues. However, the housing policy related to keeping of dogs has not kept up with Singapore lifestyle and the fact that some private residences are smaller than some HDB flats. 

All animal welfare shelters are also full in capacity and unable to take in anymore dogs. Culling of dogs that cannot find homes is also not a humane solution on a long-term basis when an alternative can be found. 

1. We petition for a review of this policy to permit the allowance of the keeping of a 2nd dog that is acquired through adoption for residents living in a Singapore HDB flat to enable homeless dogs to find homes.

2. We petition for such adopted 2nd dogs that are aged 8 years and older to receive a 50% discount off registration fees with the AVA.

3. We make this petition, conditional on the fact that such permissions for the keeping of the 2nd dog, must be approved/supervised by Animal Welfare Groups recognised by the new Animal Welfare Council of Singapore (in collaboration with HDB and AVA) to have high ethical adoption process standards, have immediate neighbours' support and such pet-keepers must abide by the Community Pet-keepers' Code. All such adopters will be kept on a public register.


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