Mayor Gimenez,

Animals lovers of Miami-Dade voted YES and passed the plan to make Miami Dade a "No Kill" county by approving the proposed tax hike during the November 2012 elections. This June, Miami-Dade commissioners unanimously passed the plan as well. It is not right, as well as unjust and immoral for animals to keep needlessly dying in Miami-Dade county when 65% of Miami voters voted YES on the proposed 2013-2014 budget hike amounting to $19 million to be allocated to saving innocent, living, breathing, feeling animals. And yet, dogs and cats are still being senselessly put to death on a daily basis. 

Animals lovers: sign this petition and make your voices heard. Demand that the mayor and commissioners, during their vote next Tuesday, July 16th, vote to set the MAXIMUM tax rate and to approve the original budget and stop the slaughter. Speak for those who can't speak for themselves. Homeless, abandoned and suffering dogs and cats should be given what we voted for: their right to LIVE.


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