The 5 members of the association Music for Peace under the guidance of Stefano Rebora are stuck in Alexandria in Egypt with a 6 containers of medicine, equipment, and 2 vehicles destined to hospitals in Gaza. The local authorities refuse to issue a permit to cross the Rafah border.

Music for Peace have made many missions in the past, each one was a great success. With each mission they bring relief to the populations they visit, but they also bring back an equally important gift. Their witness is disseminated back in Italy and on the internet, they tell the story of the people they visited and they show that something concrete can be done to help who is in need. 

If their mission is blocked, this entire chain will collapse. All for just a little stamp on a piece of paper!

Help us to request the collaboration of the local authorities. We will send all the  signature to all the Egyptian Embassies around the world. In a second our voices will be heard.

You can find the whole list here:

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