Dear Mr. Obama,

Now Egypt is slowly turning to a blood shed through MB who are gaining your support for some unknown reasons....!!!

since Moursy took over presidency of Egypt he opened our boarded for Jihadists and terrorists to occupy Sinai and make it a home for us after they failed to re-union in Afghanistan.

Since Moursy took over presidency he managed to re-allocate his fellow MB in all strategic positions in the country in order to control freedom and override democracy by claiming a false democracy which you can only see on TV screens.

Since Moursy took over Egypt a split (which never happened in our history) took place in our society...among Muslims and Christians...Sunnis and Shi'as, in a summary.....he made a clear line between everybody who is not a MB and any other Egyptian.

Finally, when our army decided to listen to our calls and our suffering the US considered it as a coup. Well allow us to let you know we are proud of what our army did...we are in full support for the decision of AbdelFattah ElSisi

This petition is to communicate directly with asking you please if you have to take decisions in our behalf in our country to take a deep look into the 30th of June marches to understand that it was not a coup what our Army Forces did, but the highest level of Democracy which we are always lectured with by Americans.

To American people, we call upon all Americans whom we know as a peace loving people to seriously investigate their government's sincere endeavors to aid terrorists imposing a fascist regime, is this what they pay taxes to achieve? Are these the values upon which you have been elected?

One final issue.....please look at different channels to see how MB turned our country to a battle where Egyptians kill Egyptians...

Please look deep inside yourself before supporting the MB anymore.


The Egyptian people.


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