Youtube campaign..

  • Update #10

Hi, we have started a Youtube campaign, we want as many as possible to record a video, about 2 min max, where you give your support to Daniel and his friend. Tell the world that Tunisia is not the place to go, and question Carl Bildt, the Swedish foreign…Read More

Trial interrupted... again.

  • Update #9

Thank you for all support. This monday we were hoping to put an end to this corrupted drama. Last attempt to accomplish the trial ended up with two lawyers interrupting the judge and the trial was postponed.. This monday, 11th nov. it was time again.. only…Read More

Tunisia today...

  • Update #8

This weekend Tunisian media has with great suport from the politicians launched a campaign against my brother and his friend. They are pointing them out as terrorists etc. Its all a big scam that in the end probably will lead to blackmail against our families…Read More


  • Update #7

Hi, first of all, thank You all for your support and thoughts Youve been sharing during these 11 months that Daniel and Pelle have been held innocent in Mornaguia prison. I was visiting Tunis last week, got to meet Daniel, of course with the classic window…Read More

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