Physicians are not educated on psuedo-addiction. It is necessary to make it mandatory for those who are studying and those who are in practice at the moment. At this point people in chronic pain are grossly misdiagnosed  as well as mistreated.

The suicide rate for patients experiencing chronic pain – even after adjusting for depression and other mental-health conditions.  Suicide rates were 13% higher than the average for patients with chronic back pain, and 34% higher for migraine sufferers. 

 Patients in pain deserve compassion and individualized care directed by doctors – not insurance adjusters, drug companies or law enforcement.  It’s time to stop treating patients like criminals.  The cost can be too high.

Please help us stop the abuse by signing this petition! Let the world know we will not be treated as less than human! We deserve the right to medical care even when this care includes prescription narcotics.

The attachment shows suicide rates~ narcotic overdose~ not as high as reported!


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