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Kim Bo

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Support National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

This campaign is vital to the health of our younger generation. Many young people have been traumatized to bring on mental illness and some where born with it. The struggle they endure can lead to other unhealthy diagnosis because of lack of intervention, medical care and stigmatizing that can not be treated properly. Younger people are difficult to diagnose. Certain illnessess need to be understood in order to prevent social hardship. It is not an easy road to stability, but with knowlege and understanding of symptoms, help can be available and coping skills learned. The regular ups & downs that many healthy people face, are extreme and painful for those with illness. Having a comfortable environment where trust is strong is the best medicine for the mentally ill. It is difficult for family and loved ones. But showing love and support can help a sick person regain strength and willingness for help. Nobody ever wants to be known or diagnosed as ill. Different cultures tend to help in different ways. I would like to learn success in treatments along with fails. Medication that damages your body can not be the only way. Within most of you, there is a loved one struggling to maintain social skills and sanity, so you wont be burdoned by thier illness. This needs research in traditional medicine as well, rather than turning the cheek because one was not able to have recources and destructed among our very eyes. Mental illness is so prevalent among many races, cultures and social status. Further investigation into the environment would be worthwhile. Look around your community. Do you see somebody you know teetering on that edge? What programs are offered to help? (any misspellings are because of my mobile device) i would like to bring more normality than insanity. Its possible. Mental illness is more dangerous to the ill, society scares most into seclusion, which is unhealthy for anyone. Please let me know of programs offered in your area. Many are functional, but illness relapse just as cancer and addictions. More stufies into why more people are becoming ill is important. Please read scholarly articles for gaining insight. Although biological factors can ccontribute we also face poisons in everyday environmental uses that have great correlation in these illnesses. It may be your closest relative or friend struggling who hides these symptoms from you.

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Eleanor Larrier

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Support National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Early in my career I worked with an organization that supported and advocated for the rights of mentally ill persons. More recently, I've promoted and helped to get funding to co-locate primary and mental/behavioral health care services. It's important to erase the stigma attached to mental illness in our African American/Caribbean and other minority communities. Mental illness is just one of many health challenges. Like diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases, mental illness can be treated with medication, professional counseling and the support and encouragement of family/friends. Let's not be afraid to seek help for ourselves, or to encourage family members or friends to do so. We can learn about signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and other forms of mental illness, and how to respond appropriately to those who are exhibiting symptoms. The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene offers a free course on Mental Health First Aid. Join the cause!

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