For more than 10 years intelligence experts and politicians have repeatedly assured the population of the United States of America that the government was not spying on the personal details of their lives.  

We now understand that our elected officials and agency experts lied.  

This raises questions about the "representative" nature of our government. When can efforts to "protect" the American people supersede the constitutional safeguards of privacy?  

The answer appears to be two fold: when the government buys into the fear of rag-tag terror networks and as soon as legislation allows the government to skirt the privacy protections found in our Constitution.Over the years, whistleblowers have sounded the alarm about likely government violations of American privacy rights. At what point will the government recognize the validity of the voices of our whistle blowers?  

We assert that NOW is the time to listen to the whistleblowers, to stop allowing our government officials to accept funds that lead to poor decision-making, and to re-evaluate how far the surveillance state will go.

We stand with the following whistleblowers:

Edward Snowden 2013

Bradley Manning 2010

John Kariakou 2007

Thomas Tamm 2005

Russ Tice 2005

Babak Pasdar 2003

Mark Klein 2003

Kirk Wiebe 2002

Diane Roark 2002

Edward Loomis 2002

Thomas Drake 2002

William Binney 2002

Daniel Ellsberg 1971


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