My love & compassion for animals has always been important to me. Lately I have become more aware of what is REALLY happening in this…Read More

send animal abusers to jail for 8 years

I have seen Bullfights, dog cruelty in private homes and in Spain's streets, kicking etc, hunting in the UK with dogs trained to pull apart innocent foxes and their cubs. And in New Zealand, dogs pulling apart innocent boar, there is excuse for any of this. Animals are here for everyone to…Read More

in my language ther is a saying gong like this: dierenrijk en mensdom in english it means animal- rich/ kingdom
human- stupid
the most impressive dog ive ever seen was again in marbella it was a cross breed of the european and american champion…Read More

the worst thing i' ve ever heard about was a gay couple in Marbella who had a dog for offspring which was like their son.
It was a straight Lassie descendent who was killed and skinned and hung in their tree just to show they dont like gay people and so they just killed the dog.

i really wish they…Read More

Not ok

send animal abusers to jail for 8 years
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