I have always been a lover of animals, because they aren't like humans. They are loyal companions, friends, they are active all the time, and so playful and full of love and affection. However sometimes for them not being like humans is a bad thing. They can't speak out. They are practically…Read More

Anybody that would hurt or kill something defenseless and innocent needs to be taken out of society . Our dogs truly can be our bestfriends. It's been a fact that serial killers start by killing small animals.

Over a lifetime I've always had dogs for pets to love and care for. And mainly to protect from outside abusers. In return, they loved and protected me from burglars and others who would try and break into my home. I've seen dogs on Animal Planet, and other pets, who were so physically and mentally…Read More

Naomi Helper
Naomi Helper Campaign leader


send animal abusers to jail for 8 years