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Send Animal Abusers To Jail For 8 Years

I grew up with dogs since childhood. There were a couple of times while walking home from either a friend's house or school that a dog would follow me home, but my mom, of course, would nicely inform me to sit in front of the house because the owner would eventually come looking for their lost "friend". Mom was always right! In my later teen age years I brought puppies home later in the evenings because I knew that my parents would never say "no". Besides, it would be dangerous for a teenager to be wandering around in the wee hours of the night! Growing up, having a career, apt living et al made it extremely difficult to get my very own dog- but I would always visit and/or dogsit my dog at my parents. He was there to protect, love, and most importantly, replace my spot in the house anyhow! Years and years later, moving down to Florida I found Topaz who is a rescue from an animal shelter at 8.5 weeks old. She will be celebrating her 13th birthday on April 11, 2014. In Jan 2006, I was unfortunately diagnosed with a neurological disorder which made life a bit miserable. Being a career woman for several years then getting slapped with disability right in the face, suffering with cataplexy seizures due to narcolepsy along with a brain tumor - is a little tough to handle! I trust you guys would agree. In any case, my Topaz was/is my saviour. She was there for me in my "can't stand me" moments. She actually trained herself to detect my on-coming seizures! She also taught herself to get me out of those seizures as well. She made up this funky "high-pitched" abrupt barks very foreign to me at the time, then would literally walk circles around me as though wanting to catch me when I do collapse and fall. She has saved me and prevented me from starting fires from cooking. I would start to cook, go into a seizure ... no need to say more really. Folks, the moral of this novel is dogs are such precious creatures. They are here for a reason, a purpose - that is NOT to be BEATEN, ABUSED, MISTREATED by any dysfunctional human- if that's what they are. PLEASE HELP ME SAVE THEM - JUST YOUR SIGNATURE WILL DO. THANK YOU ♥

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