From Australia:

KERSER was seized because he went into a next door neighbour's backyard. They then called animal rescue to take my dog to the local RSPCA.

The council has the right to seize a dog if they believe it to be a restricted breed. Due to the fact that they think he is a pit bull I have no choice but to go to court to try and get him back, even though he didn't attack or bite anyone. Unfortunately he is getting punished for something he never did, it's all based on if it looks like a pit bull then it's a pit bull.

Kerser is so friendly and loves human companionship. I hope that it doesn't change because in the meantime he's in a small cage. He was only eight months old when he was seized. He's less than 2 years old and has never harmed a fly!

Via JADE (the owner) - Kerser is scheduled to be "humanely euthanized" Monday 3rd June at 5pm. I am allowed to spend one hour with him and then I'll be getting him cremated. Please everybody we need to band together to stop this.

Help us get 25,000 signatures to send to the powers that be in order to save this pup.


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