Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, Washington has been touted as one of the best sanctuaries in the USA for dogs needing special handling.  In truth, the dogs at the sanctuary are NOT living their lives there in green fields---as advertised by the OAS.  Indeed, most dogs never even see the light of day!  One person runs the facility, and there is no way one person can feed/clean/let out/train all the animals (reports indicate 120-160) currently housed there. 

Legal action stalled at the local level.  Elected officials and law enforcement agencies need to do their jobs and stop this abuse!  Find other rescues to take these animals and close Olympic Animal Sanctuary!

There are many questions surrounding the "sanctuary":

***how often do the animals get fed?

***what are the protocols for keeping the facility clean?

***why are animals crated 24/7?

***when are the animals let out of their cages/kennels?

***who is working with the animals, as promised?

***why are no animals, even after being there for years, being adopted out?

***how often are the animals vetted?

***thousands of dollars are sent or charged for each animal---where are the receipts for the supposed expenditures?

***why is NO ONE allowed a complete tour of the facility?

and many many more questions.


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