Rozjah and Trey are now facing charges, they want to deem Rozjah boy a dangerous dog for doing nothing more than defending himself, and they have not yet decided if they want to put him to sleep, Rozjah is a Rodeshian Ridgeback/Pit Bull mix who is 2 years old. He is a good boy who doesnt have a history of anything, the other 2 dogs involved in this were not impounded and are suffering no repercussions from the attack. This is not the first time these other 2 dogs have gotten into with another dog, and Rozjah is the one who will suffer the repercussions.. Lets help save Rozjah.

"Two 30 pound dogs were being walked on the street and started trying to fight another dog so they crossed the street, I had gone inside to grab a piece of pizza and Rozjah got out of the garage, 60 seconds later I found him outside and he had ran up on these already mad dogs and tried to play, one dog attacked him and he defended himself and they both tore him up but yes she made it sound like he "won" and tried to say it was her dogs blood on my dog however every cut and gash was bleeding and it was all my dogs blood, they arrested him and didn't treat him at all. Yet the other two dogs got to go home and get medical treatment,! I got a misdemeanor and they're trying to label my dog as a potentially aggressive animal which his is not.." As Stated by Trey Rozjah Owner

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