Karina Hansen is suffering from, a misunderstood and much maligned illness called, myalgic encephalitis. She has a very severe form of the illness, which leaves you bedridden, in terrible pain, and exhaustion and can be life threatening, if mistreated. In February, Misguided Danish doctors ordered her to be forcibly removed, from her home and safety. She wasn't even permitted to see anyone, nor have her parents, or lawyer been given any explanation. Whats more the Danish Doctors who are supposed to be caring for her, are in fact, causing her condition to deteriorate further and further. Most people believe m.e is a joke, and in the face of such ignorance most sufferers can battle on regardless. Unfortunately for Karina she is at the mercy of Doctors who also believe it a joke. And she is too sick to stop them mistreating her, even though she begged them to let her go. So if she can speak up for herself, it falls to us to shout so loudly the world will hear our cry  

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