Brief Organization Description:
Back on Track’s mission is to promote academic achievement for San Francisco’s under-served children. We believe that academic performance is dependent on fostering confidence and stability in our students through focused and direct one on one tutoring and mentoring. Our intention is not just to help students finish homework correctly or on time, but our main goal is to encourage and instill a lifelong commitment to learning.

Brief Organization History:
Since 1988, hundreds of youth from all walks of life in San Francisco have embarked on promising academic and career paths as a direct result of support received in our program. As an academically focused youth development service, our strength lies in the personalized one on one tutoring and complementary enrichment activities we provide for a diverse population of K-12 students.

For over twenty years, we have operated as a non-denominational and nonprofit organization fully committed to our mission: helping students achieve academic goals by promoting effective study skills, and empowering them to become lifelong learners through mentorships with adult role models.

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