Well it's simple really corn don't grow on tarmack.

This is so sad!! Can this really happen? Government is taking this poor senior famers land from him and his family to expand CFB Trenton's army base. This seriously needs to be addressed by local citizen's to stop this asap. If it can happen to this poor family it can happen to YOU!!!

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The governments total lack of respect for Families that have been here for centuries. Considering in this circumstance even so much more. This cannot happen, we have to stop it at any cost!!!!! My family has been here for 327yrs and totally understand what he is feeling! If it was my family land,…Read More

Where the hell does the government have the right to do this. But then again they did it to Native Americans. This is so wrong I hope many support Mr. Meyers and he wins this fight. About time people stood up for our rights as Canadians.

if people allow those in government to ride roughshod over them, then it will never stop, only get worse.

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