Fact: Women living below the poverty line are more likely to be charged with a criminal offense. Criminalizing poverty,is counterproductive and disingenuous, and only creates newer, higher costs that drag state budgets to their limits. It is less expensive to approach the root causes of the family’s problems. Everyone has a mother and father and has a right to be raised by them.

The ages of children in the parent's care, not just the nature of the crime should be heavily considered as a factor in due process of the law. It is time for us to accept that foster care is not an acceptable "temporary fix" for the child, just because the courts still have not figured out that jail is not an appropriate solution for poverty, mental illness, or domestic violence. The family courts are disregarding active and loving parents in favor of the law because of this, causing a rogue system hellbent on generating profit via human lives for the prison industrial complex. 

Stop the mass incarceration of women! Children deserve to be raised by their biological able, willing, and suitable parents.

In solidarity,

Mothers against Mass Incarceration, and concerned supporters


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