A man named SAMY ALMOGRABI has a  facebook page about Sexual Animal Torture Fetish's (very graphic) .It was reported to facebook, however facebook said, it was not offensive material, and they would not remove the page. It is up to us to stop this sort of abuse, and to consider that these are Sentient beings, with a heart, feelings & emotions,just like us. We must protect them, and be a voice for their silent screams.If they were human, it would have created a war against this sort of thing. However for some, Animals are not important enough, and may be treated in such a way as, cutting them up alive, butchering them on film, whilst the animal sreams and struggles in agony,most of them are hog tied, and some are strangled to death, or just chopping pieces from their still alive body.We must stop this now. We are demanding that Mark Zuckerman remove him from facebook. Please be a voice and support my Cause and sign the Petition now.We can and will stop this. Thank you. Janet Jyoti..


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