An open letter to Embassies of Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan and Philippines

To whom it may concern,

This letter expresses our grave concerns over your citizens who work in Malaysia. We have gathered solid and undisputed evidence that a great number of them are now being used by irresponsible parties to undermine the electoral process in Malaysia, as they have been granted dubious status to vote in our forthcoming general election.

We strongly condemn your citizens who are engaged in activities that erode Malaysia's electoral integrity. These nationals of yours are given Malaysian identity cards and are highly likely to vote in the general election in return for monetary awards. Mindful of the fact that your Constitution does prohibit dual citizenship, it is of utmost importance that a full and formal investigation be initiated on your part to look seriously into the matter, as it could amount to an act of betrayal. Those who are found to be involved should be duly punished under your national law.

Besides, it is generally agreed that interfering in the internal affairs and domestic politics of another sovereign state is considered an act of enmity, which clearly contravenes the general principle of mutual respect, neighbourliness and friendship. It would therefore harm the reputation and image of your country should any of your citizens go ahead and take part in the upcoming general election in Malaysia. As such, we hereby declare that such act has shown low civil awareness towards international practice. We urge strongly that your embassy take every necessary step possible to disseminate this information and refrain your citizens in Malaysia from participating in our electoral process

.As rightful citizens of Malaysia, we are not xenophobic and would readily welcome any foreign national to seek job or economic opportunities in Malaysia. What we are vehemently opposed to is for any of your citizens to acquire Malaysian ID or even citizenship through illegal means, as this could invariably aggravate the already high level of corruption in our country. We earnestly hope that you would take note of our concerns and follow up on the issue. Your understanding and immediate action in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.




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