Target: Douglas County Commission

Sponsored by: Angelica M. Almeyda Zambrano & Eben N. Broadbent

The dogs and cats at Douglas County Shelter, GA are in great danger and they need your help. On November 13, 2012 the Douglas County commissioners hired Rick Smith as Shelter Director. Since his arrival at the shelter Mr. Smith has made changes that greatly reduce the chances of adoption and rescue for the animals at the shelter and will dramatically increase the numbers of healthy adoptable animals being killed and reduce the chance of owners finding their loved lost pets before they are rapidly euthanized at a tax payer funded institution.  

Among the most sinister changes are:

1.  Rick Smith, new director, reduced the hours open to the public;

2.  Rick Smith, new director, reduced the space available to house animals;

3.  Rick Smith, new director, reduced the staff allowed to care for animals;

4.  Rick Smith, new director, banned socialization time for volunteers and dogs in courtyard;

5.  Rick Smith, new director, banned housing puppies together, less socialization and space for the animals;

6.  Rick Smith, new director, cancelled the pre-sponsorship program that allowed citizens to sponsor a shelter animal’s vetting previous to its adoption;

7.  Rick Smith, new director, impeded volunteers from the shelter; reducing care and networking for the animals

8.  Rick smith, new director, refused to make available to volunteers the “Animals in Danger” list. This is the list of the animals that are at risk of being killed and that is created on a weekly basis.

9.  Rick Smith, new director, appointed his wife as the new volunteer coordinator;

10.  Rick Smith, new director, and his wife, new volunteer coordinator, are in the process of establishing a non-profit organization.

11.  Citizens interested in volunteering will have to apply for approval to the new non-profit. The non-profit can deny a citizen’s application and can dismissed an approved volunteer without cause

12.  An appointed member of the Animal Control Advisory Board has been removed without cause

This changes have led to:

1.  Lower rates of adoption and rescue for the animals;

2.  Lower quality and amount of care for the animals;

3.  Resignation of Road Officer;

4.  Resignation of Shelter Supervisor, and within one week;

5.  Resignation of Road Officer Supervisor;

6.  Discontinuation of a very needed free spay and neuter program the “Mae West Fix ‘Em Free Program for Douglas County” sponsored by the Southern HOPE (Humane Options to Prevent Euthanasia) Humane Society.

Rick Smith, new director of the Douglas County Shelter, has shown disregard for the well-being of the animals at the shelter. In his three months as Director he has failed to fulfill the main function of his position, to care for the animals in his trust and thus he should be removed as soon as possible. To do any different would only show the Douglas County Commission does not care for the animals in the county.

If you agree with our request, please sign the following petition:, and or email or mail directly to the following addresses:

Please contact the authorities

Chairman Tom Worthan; [email protected]

Commissioner Henry Mitchell; [email protected]

Commissioner Kelly Robinson; [email protected]

Commissioner Mike Mulcare; [email protected]

Commissioner Ann Guider; [email protected]

County Administrator Eric Linton; [email protected]

Animal Control Advisory Board Chairman Pat Fulghum, [email protected]

Diana Memmolo, ACAB Member Douglas County Humane Society [email protected]

Douglas County Animal Control; [email protected]

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