The President,

Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP)

Subject: Declare Modi PM Candidate if BJP need our vote !

Dear Rajnath Singh Jee,

Tolerance has its limit. India as a nation is suffering and we Indians are suffering in all fronts due to poor leadership from almost all political parties. 

Narendra Modi is the last hope for a vibrant India after seeing a vibrant Gujrat under his leadership. BJP internal politics is making ways difficult for our last hope. Please do not care for JD(U) and other alliance as we will give you majority in election without them.

Let BJP leadership know that we will vote for BJP only if BJP will declare Mr. Modi as a PM candidate for 2014 general election.  Some of us are BJP supporter and some are not but we will vote for BJP only if BJP declare Mr. Narendra Modi Prime Minister candidate.


All Indians for a Vibrant Bharat


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