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Injured or broken leg dogs should not be forced to lie in their kennel crates for days. This is Animal Cruelty, Abuse and Neglect. They should be immediately removed from the kennels and taken to a specialty veterinary clinic  (an appropriate medical facility by a licensed veterinarian) to have their legs fixed promptly and properly on the track's dime. Then those injured dogs should immediately…

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STATUS; HB 1197 WAS SIGNED INTO LAW BY GOV. R SCOTT(R)UNLESS THIS LAW IS REPEALED IT WILL GO INTO EFFECT ON JULY 1, 2012.  MANY SMALL PET ANIMALS WILL DIE FROM THIS TOXIC PROCESS. PLEASE TAKE ACTION!  Spring is just around the corner  and Easter will encourage the dyeing of small animals; pink, blue and green bunnies and chicks.  These small animals suffer from this toxic process, and once…

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