Bear baiting is the inhumane “sport” that pits dogs against defenseless bears for the purpose of training and spectator amusement. This practice, which is only legal in South Carolina and Pakistan, is inhumane and cruel and must be outlawed. Please sign this petition and stop this state-sanctioned wildlife abuse.

In order to keep the bears from hurting the dogs, they are de-clawed, de-toothed, and chained. Often seen as a spectator sport, audiences assemble to watch any number of dogs continually attack the defenseless bear. In an investigation by The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), they documented an “event” that drew hundreds of spectators for a four-hour show, where nearly 300 dogs attacked one bear in quick succession. Black bears are favored for baiting because of their shy nature and instinct to flee when threatened. According to the HSUS, “There are currently 26 captive black bears in South Carolina, many likely used for bear baiting.”

Bear baiting events are hosted by breed clubs associated with the American Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources issues permits for the possession of the bears, but has not inspected bear baiting events or come to rescue of the bears. It is absolutely necessary that these permits be rescinded and South Carolina join the rest of the nation in outlawing this cruel and disgusting “sport”.

Please sign this petition and force Governor Haley to outlaw bear baiting and find sanctuary for the remaining permitted bears.

There have been plenty of petitions that have been started for this cause, and I have YET to see any of them make a change! I WILL get this disgusting sport  stopped in our state of South Carolina! So please support in any way that you can and PLEASE sign this petition!


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