Original Source : http://www.dw.de/indian-geckos-are-in-high-demand-for-hiv-cures/a-16328544

More than hundreds of people catching and trading Tokay geckos in northeast India because of its increasing demands of gecko meat from the China , Indonesia, Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. Its has become a booming business. Many Asian people believe that consuming geckos meat can cure HIV, diabetes , cancer, impotency etc etc..This is 200 % lie ..a blind superstitious belief. It has scientifically proven that there is no such thing in the meat which can be used as cure. Its a hoax & the ruthless smugglers have found an easy way of making money. Please help in raising my voice to the world & ask Indian government to take action before gecko's get totally wiped out & extinct. Your voice will definitely make a difference by supporting this cause.

Just an enthusiast trying to save innocent & endangered species

- Vik

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