Congressman John Conyers (now 85 years old) has been introducing HR 40 as a bill in the House of Representatives for 24 years since 1989! He just re-introduced the bill on January 3rd, 2013. The purpose of this bill is to form a commission to study slavery's affects on slaves and their children, childrens' children, etc. The bill then proposes that action be recommended to help families of American slaves whose forefathers and foremothers worked, often for generations, enriching others but not themselves and their own families. This inter-generational poverty rooted in slavery is the cause of many problems faced today by the descendants of American slaves. 

It is important to sign this petition and make a statement to the nation and the world that we are beginning the second Presidency of the United States' first President of color. Obviously people of color are human. Because we are human we have the right and the obligation to demand what other groups of humans have demanded when their families have been victimized, terrorized and experienced genocide on a grand scale such as occurred in the system of human bondage created and(continued from 1619 until 1865) based on the de-humanization of Africans. 

If 25,000 people sign this petition the petition at , the White House will issue an official response and this will go a long way to educate the populace about the importance and actual levels of support for this issue.  With the recent celebration of the Martin Luther King holiday (also brought about by the work of Congressman Conyers after over 15 years of efforts), President Obama's inauguration for his second term and the celebration of Black History Month in February, there has NEVER been a more appropriate time to stand up for our ancestors and demand what was due to them. Americans of all color must realize that America can never fully achieve Dr. King's dream until the debt owed to American slaves is paid in full to their families.


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