Update on May 07, 2013

  • Update #7

We would have gotten more attention if the "F" word wouldn't have been posted on your walls. There are so many horrific pages such as these that I'm asking each one of you to sign this petition as well. I won't stop till we reach mainstream media & FORCE…Read More

Update on May 03, 2013

  • Update #6

We have gotten closer to the source of why some pages are not being removed. The Outcast Agency is Facebook's PR agent with Andrea Ragni being in charge of what fits "community standards" or not. Please voice you opinion to 415-392-8282. It's time for her to…Read More

Update on April 06, 2013

  • Update #5

Just can't believe with over 104,000 signatures this  page is still up. Please go back & recruit some more friends & do NOT post on their page. Many profiles are being hacked. Since this campaign started, we created a group that has been reporting the…Read More

Update on February 04, 2013

  • Update #4

Please go back to this petition & recruit more friends. Facebook has been harassing them & they know the page will soon be gone. Go look for yourselves. Thank you once again for your support !! Job well done :-)

Update on January 30, 2013

  • Update #3

Thank you all for your participation in this cause. More & more are signing every minute. Some don't want to share the "F" word on friends walls. Please invite them to the event to spread this further. We must take this viral. For others who don't mind…Read More

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