Take a pledge to Quit Tobacco - "Tobacco has no place in my life."
Also win some exciting prizes by joining us and encouraging more people in this movement.

"Quit Tobacco" movement is an
initiative by HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad which aims at helping
people to quit from all forms of tobacco in Urban & Rural Gujarat. A
year long program is planned for all sections of the society where
educating people on the ill effects of tobacco is the objective. Every
person who joins the quit tobacco movement will bring in many more
people in his chain with an aim to abstain from tobacco consumption. The
Government of Gujarat banned Gutakha in the State. HCG, the specialist
in cancer care, is taking it
to the next level with an aim to reduce tobacco consumption in all
forms, thereby reducing the incidence of cancer. Join us in this fight against Cancer.
For more information Call us on 090996 12345

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